Yes Harberger taxation is interesting there, too. The point is that much (maybe most) of the value created by innovation accrues to land, so that's what we should tax.

It may seem a lot more plausible nowadays to make money using hardly any land at all (contrast a server farm with a railroad). Maybe the part of the server cost that pays for the land is tiny, but devs need to pay rent. If the rent went to everyone instead of just private land holders, now Elon Musk is effectively paying a bunch of money back to us, but does he owe even more to humanity for using the common tech heritage that belongs to all of us?

How does everyone know how much they personally owe?

My personal philosophy is a company/project should give back any excess money in the form of a dividend to society (a universal dividend), but there are other non-profits don't share this view and that hoard wealth in investment funds.

Is it a philosophical shift that needs to happen that makes people happily want to pay their share?



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